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Jonathan Garda - Filmmaker, Tourist, General Enthusiast. Sometimes known as Jon Garda, but not always, and never after labor day. Far too often misspelled John Garda by those out of the know -- including his own parents.

Jonathan Garda's Bio:

Jonathan Garda directed the short film, Suspended, and has gotten a lot of coffee and bagels for real life film and television executives. You may know him for the film he shot in 6th grade. Only like the whole 6th grade saw it—no big deal. Visit Jonathan Garda's Offical website or follow him Avant Garda on Tumblr. Visit Jonathan Garda short film, Suspended on IMDB.

Jonathan Garda's Interests & Activities:

Filmmaking, Directing, Coffee Drinking, Short Stories, Mystery, Suspense, Crime, Flash Fiction.

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